ZRUO - Zakład Remontowy Urządzeń Okrętowych - 

ZRUO sp. z o.o. offers the  following services:

Engineering works to watercraft:

  • On-board fitting works (welding, joinery);
  • Hull works (sandblasting, painting, plating replacement);
  • Engine repairs (main, auxiliary, emergency);
  • Execution, modifications, overhauls of CO2 systems;
  • Overhauling of exhaust gas boilers units and auxiliary boilers;
  • Overhauling  of centrifugal pumps (rotodynamic, circulator) and positive displacement pumps (piston, diaphragm, gear, rotary vane);
  • Pipe works (black steel, stainless steel, plastic, CuNiFe);
  • Hydraulic overhaul (cranes, steering gear, on-board equipment);
  • Washing, cleaning and painting of tanks (ballast, cargo, sewage, potable water, oil) and bilges.

Activities other than repairs:

  • Technical supply for vessels (parts, cleaning products, tools);
  • Agency services;
  • Sub-letting of own office space.

Repair works are provided both in our workshop and on board the Client's vessel. We assign experts to carry out inter-voyage repairs abroad.



 Schlosserarbeiten an Bord, Rumpfarbeiten,

 Motorreparaturen, Ausführung, Modifikationen, Überprüfung von CO2-Systemen,

 Inspektionen von Abgas- und Hilfskesseln,

 Inspektionen von Kreisel- und Verdrängerpumpen,

 Rohrarbeiten, Inspektionen der Hydraulik,

 Waschen, Reinigen sowie Anstrich von Tanks und Bilgen.


 tel.: + 48 58 663 67 20, + 48 58 627 06 92 

 fax: + 48 58 782 45 50, + 48 58 500 86 18

 e-mail: biuro@zruo.pl

 Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk-Północ w Gdańsku VIII Wydz. Gosp. 

 KRS: 80222 Kapitał zakładowy: 235 tys. PLN całkowicie wpłacony

 REGON: 192472224, NIP: 958-13-69-294